Parent Education

No matter where you are in your parenting journey, Educating the Heart is here to support you. From services for new parents learning the ins and outs of caring for a newborn to those seeking a more peaceful, organized home life with older children, we offer both educational services and coaching as related to the emotional labor of raising a family.

Family Dynamics Coaching

Establishing family values (and effectively communicating them to your children), setting up house rules and schedules, and knowing how to effectively reinforce those rules are things that every family can benefit from. Our core clientele for parent coaching includes families where one or more of the children are experiencing behavioral challenges as related to a mental health challenge or developmental delay, but we work with families of all shapes and sizes to create a more peaceful home life. We also discuss child development to assist caregivers in understanding why their children behave in a certain way and approach establishing age appropriate goals through both traditional behavior modification methods as well as any sensory-motor or cognitive issues that may be impacting development or pro-social behavior.

New Parent Coaching

We have several educational services available to new parents. We can work with you to better understand what developmental play looks like for your little one, implement a schedule to balance newborn needs with older children’s schedules or assist in building good sleeping habits, provide in-depth education on baby wearing and its benefits, and more. If you are feeling overwhelmed by welcoming a new addition into your home, please reach out and let us empower you to be the best parent you can be.

Personal Development for Parents

You are a parent, but you are also an individual with your own emotions, needs, and life goals. If you seek personal assistance maintaining your personal identity through parenting or are struggling with your own emotional challenges as they relate to a stressful home situation, we offer a creative approach for finding the personal balance that often precedes family balance. A happy family starts with a happy you; let us guide you toward positivity!

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