What is Arts-based coaching?

Rachel currently holds certifications as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach and as an Autism Movement Therapist. Additionally, she has completed an extensive post-graduate training program in Drama Therapy with 800-hour internship and is currently pursuing the professional practicum hours required to qualify for the board-certified title of Registered Drama Therapist. These qualifications combine with training in 4 of the 5 core art forms recognized by our education system and experience in behavior modification, neurodevelopment, and Non-violent Crisis Prevention Intervention. Arts-based coaching is an integration of all of these modalities, and uses an active, tactile, and sensory approach to exploring each client’s strengths and desired areas of development. At this time, the State of California does not recognize the Registered Drama Therapist or other credentials as Board of Behavioral Sciences accredited (though some other states do provide licensure for the RDT), and thus services with Educating the Heart fall into the category of Coaching. The main difference between Rachel’s training and that of a licensed therapist is that there are no final licensing exams to take and she is not trained in issuing diagnoses for Developmental, Mood, or other disorders. More so than focusing on the past, as many therapeutic modalities do, coaching focuses on setting goals for the future and working to overcome obstacles in reaching those goals.

What is Energy Work/Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient practice of channeling universal life force for the purposes of restoring physical and emotional well being. Energy is typically transferred via the hands from the practitioner to the recipient, but can be channeled through direct touch, non-touch proximity, or across great distanced using a variety of methods for projection. For many, Reiki healing is considered the equivalent of rebalancing Qi or releasing blockages in the Prana responsible for a host of physical or emotional challenges. For some, energy healing sessions are a deeply spiritual experience that create profound impact on the life of the recipient. Sessions are often relaxing, though everyone has their own experience and occasionally healing through energy work can be quite emotional. As an experienced yogi and meditator, Rachel can also work with you to incorporate meditation or breathwork into your Reiki sessions as desired.

How do I know what services are right for me?

As many of our methods are focused on building one’s intuition, you may have a sense of whether Arts-based Coaching, Energy Work, or a combination of the two are right for you to at least begin your journey toward healing. All of our services have a track record of benefitting the challenges associated with Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Addiction, relationship issues, and a host of other difficulties for which clients typically seek assistance. Arts-based coaching offers a more direct conversation with one’s strengths and weaknesses and allows the participant to be active in their own recovery. Energy work is much more subtle, and is often helpful when clients begin to feel “stuck” in their journey despite the exploration of other therapeutic modalities. All services offered at Educating the Heart are appropriate for every age, development level, and extent of artistic experience (even none!). For assistance in choosing the right services to start with, or determining if working with us is appropriate for you, we encourage you to Contact Us to review your needs.

Do you diagnose?

Despite being a Drama Therapist, Autism Movement Therapist, and a Behavior Therapist, Rachel’s current credentials do not include training on issuing formal medical diagnoses. Many clients seek services with us for the specific reason that they are not prepared to add a permanent label to their formal record. Often, the label and/or stigma that accompanies a diagnosis disturbs the ability to treat the root cause of an imbalance. This creates a linear approach to treatment and can lead to bias in the treatment approach. Should you have a diagnosis, that can inform parts of the treatment program we devise together but it is not required to begin services with Educating the Heart. Our mission is to treat the person rather than the label. Should you wish to obtain a diagnosis while receiving services with Educating the Heart, we will be happy to refer you to a professional with the licensure and training best matched to the symptoms you are experiencing for further assessment.

Where are you/your programs located?

Currently, Educating the Heart provides direct services in the Los Angeles area. Group sessions can take place in community settings or in a location agreed upon with a contracting client. Individual sessions can take place in your home or in a community setting, though be advised that community settings may influence the agreed upon fees for each session. Educating the Heart does offer distance services for all energy work, as well as select Arts-based coaching clients who will be evaluated on a case by case basis for appropriateness. Our Founder is available nationally and internationally for speaking engagements and workshops; schools and community organizations are encouraged to visit the Consulting Services page or contact us for more information on available topics.

What are your fees?

Fees are settled on a private pay basis and are dependent on the type of service you are seeking. Typically, Coaching and Therapeutic services are available on a sliding scale and Consulting services are based on a per-hour rate for the number of participants and the type of organization seeking partnership. Because each person, group, and organization will be on a different journey requiring a specific set of activities for individualized amounts of time, you may negotiate your fee by contacting our Founder at Rae@educating-the-heart.com

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