Developmental and Behavioral Services

Direct Services – Drama Therapy and Therapeutic Movement

The arts are a phenomenal platform for self expression and emotional processing, as well as a fun and reinforcing activity for all ages. Educating the Heart offers 1:1 and group services for individuals experiencing developmental delays and/or mood disorders, a population often served beautifully through the more creative and abstract approach innate to investment in the arts. Sessions may focus on acceptance of diagnosis, goal setting for the future, a forum for relationship-building, and much more. Upon client request, arts-based activities can be integrated with specific behavioral, motor, or sensory goals and we are happy to partner with your clinical team to ensure continuity in addressing your needs.

Sibling Support

Educating the Heart recognizes the special impact that an individual with developmental delays or a mood disorder can have on the family. Each family member is an important component in the village, and deserves a place to foster independence, strengthen personal identity and role within the family, and receive support in facing the daily challenges of their family environment. While we support all family members in their journey toward a healthy home dynamic, we take a particular interest in meeting the needs of the neuro-typical sibling. For those who feel left out while sister or brother is receiving their in-home services for the 30th hour this week, or those wondering what life will involve once their aging parents are no longer able to care for their sibling, we offer services that are right for you.

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